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January 2002

Savannah Party
Enthusiasm for Sunday’s pan play-off at the Queen’s Park Savannah is being reflected in unprecedented requests for advance tickets, according to Pan Trinbago. More

Qualifying Bands For The Savannah
Sunday 27, January Semi-Finals pan play-off at the Queen’s Park Savannah More

Panorama Panyard Judging 2002
Different judging panels will operate in each zone and each category, allowing for simultaneous adjudication of single-pan bands and conventional orchestras. On selected nights, therefore, as many as six bands nationwide may be judged at (say) 7.15 pm. More

November 2001

World Pan Reps Agree On Festival 2002 Plan
Finland’s Ari Vitanen, in his closing remarks, described yesterday’s meeting of delegates from pan organisations from around the world as "an historic occasion", a sentiment unanimously echoed around the table. More

The mouth band
Deserted by steel orchestras whose routes home did not coincide with theirs, revellers on Carnival Tuesday nights of yore did vocal impressions of pan instruments in lieu; forming what was aptly titled "a mouth band". More

Exodus, Despers heading to Caribbean Panorama
Several other Caribbean countries spent the weekend jostling to help Trinidad and Tobago steelbands get to the inaugural Caribbean Steelband Panorama Championship. More

A Panoramic View
Government’s cavalier treatment of what last weekend loomed as a major threat to our cultural self-esteem conjured up in my mind, images of the type of disdain with which its colonial antecedents regarded indigenous arts. More

October 2001

Duo Bore Pan
From a humble beginning in Belmont and with a track record of 40 years as a researcher, composer, arranger, tuner, performer, lecturer, educator and consultant on the steelpan, Fernandez said he was curious about pan from his boyhood days with the Belmont Symphony steelband in the late 1950s.More

May 2001

N.S.O.T.T gets high praise at debut
AFTER nearly three years since securing Cabinet approval and an interim plagued by a series of false starts, the National Steel Orchestra (NSOTT) finally made its formal debut on May 8.More

Foreign bands coming for Junior Festival
FOLLOWING last year’s World Steelband Music Festival for adult bands, the junior version has now gone global as well. Already, seven foreign steel orchestras have confirmed interest in participating in the Schools Steelband Music Festival, which takes place here in November.More

APRIL 2001

NIU names Teague artist in residence
THE Music Faculty of Northern Illinois University has appointed local pannist Liam Teague as Artist in Residence, scoring another first for the national musical instrument. More

US Pannists flock to hear legends
SCORES of pan enthusiasts from across the US on Saturday converged at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn for a symposium designed to measure progress made by the instrument over the first 60 years of its existence.More

NY pours love on Trini pan legends
SOME of the greatest names in pan history gathered at the TT Consulate here on Friday evening, for the start of a three-day show of appreciation for their contributions to the development of the national musical instrument.More

Remembering ‘Spree’ Simon
A DEMANDING schedule has been set out for 11 local pan legends who will gather in New York this coming weekend for an awards ceremony hosted by the Trinidad and Tobago Folk Arts Institute.More

Pan pioneer Stephens dead at 68
THEODORE STEPHENS, one of Trinidad’s pan pioneers, is dead. Stephens, 68, who was regarded as a “prodigy” when he started playing pan with the Free French Steel Orchestra of San Fernando at the age of 12, died in his sleep at his New York home last Friday.More

Chapter of pan history destroyed
FEW locations have been as misunderstood as the relatively small area called Hell Yard, the scene of Tuesday’s fire which left 20 people homeless and, by the same opportunity, wiped out a significant piece of pan history.More

Pan Trinbago Carnival $$
PAN Trinbago has hired a private investigator to track down hundreds of thousands of dollars in Panorama ticket sales and other receipts that have simply vanished. More


Exodus Panorama champs again after 9 years
IT TOOK nine years but Exodus was crowned national Panorama champions just after 3 a.m. on Sunday at the Queen’s Park Savannah. More

Panorama Finals 24 Feb.February 24, 2001

South-Central Panorama Finals 20 Feb.February 20, 2001


Pan final back in D’ Big Yard February 18, 2001
Pan final back in D’ Big Yard. Now title sponsor vows to pull $$ from Junior Carnival …mas fraternity to boycott Pan Trinbago’s ‘Champs in Concert’More

South finals not yet final February 16, 2001
NATIONAL Carnival Commission (NCC) chairman Claude Clarke called his board into emergency session late last night in an attempt to resolve the argument over use of the Queen’s Park Savannah stage on Carnival Saturday.More

North Zone Finals February 17, 2001
Neal and Massy Trinidad All Stars continued where it left off at last Sunday’s national Panorama preliminaries and beat all other finalists in the North Panorama finals on Thursday night at the Queen’s Park Savannah.More

All Stars leads Panorama pack February 13, 2001
AFTER the second round of preliminaries in the 2001 Panorama competition, Neal and Massy Trinidad All Stars still stands as the front-runner.More

Chaos and paranoia mar Panorama February 12, 2001 By Fulton Wilson
CHAOS and paranoia marred the latter half of yesterday’s national Panorama (conventional bands) preliminaries at the Queen’s Park Savannah.More



Pan Tunes February 11, 2001 By Terry Joseph
REIGNING National Calypso Monarch Shadow, who has enjoyed high rotation on the airwaves and fete circuit since the December release of his CD Just for You, extends his domination of the playbill on day two of the Panorama preliminaries for conventional orchestras.More


Bigger Panorama $$ upsets some bands January 03, 2000 By Terry Joseph
WHAT was designed as a boost for the pan fraternity—the raising of the value of the first prize at Panorama to some $320,000—may yet backfire, as some steelband captains and managers yesterday reacted with unpleasant surprise.More

Panorama prize leaps to $320,000 January 02, 2001 By Terry Joseph
FROM $38,000 just three years ago, the first prize for conventional steel orchestras has this year taken a leap to $320,000.More


Trini pan legends to be honored in US December 28, 2000 By Terry Joseph
THE Trinidad and Tobago Folk Arts Institute of New York, USA will on April 22 next year, honor five of pan’s most famous names at a gala titled: Legends of Pan.”More


Story behind the steelpan November 20, 2000 By Norman Darway
In an article written by Michael Anthony in the Express (October 25 ) it was stated, and I quote,“The 1939 incident with nine year old Winston Simon completely shattered the normal course of events so far as these steel beating boys were concerned.”More


Panecdotes October 30, 2000 By Keith Smith
THE headline is Terry Joseph’s. As the after-glow of the World Steelband Festival dims with the old Ellie Mannette moving off centre-stage, I thought I should appropriate Joseph’s research, not only to share it with a wider audience than those sharp enough to have snared an official Festival brochure,More

Pan gets a ten-days October 25, 2000 By Terry Joseph
EVEN as the deeply troubled national musical instrument of Trinidad and Tobago remains burdened by deficient research funding and performance facilities, pan enjoyed a brief but glorious ascendancy.More

Title up for grabs tonight October 21, 2000 By Terry Joseph
AN overwhelming feeling of kinship pervades the panyards as the best eight steel orchestras from the World Steelband Music Festival prepare for tonight’s grand final, which takes place at the Jean Pierre Complex in Port of Spain. More

Welcome home, Ellie Mannette October 20, 2000 By Terry Joseph
AFTER 33 years abroad, during which time he further distinguished himself as one of the prime movers in the development and global appreciation of steelpan music, Elliot “Ellie” Mannette returns home today and in spectacular glory. More

Skiffle leads the bunch October 20, 2000 By Terry Joseph
TOMORROW night’s grand final of the World Steelband Music Festival suddenly offers an enhanced level of excitement, with new standings in the orchestra category showing a dramatic change from that which obtained at the end of the preliminary round. More

A Rare View For Pan October 18, 2000 By Terry Joseph
PANNISTS, lovers of the music and successive governments must either have been hearing impaired since the 1950s, or sleeping so soundly over the same period, that the extraordinary events which occurred in the steelband world over the past week could be so easily defined as a mere “wake up call.” More

International Conference on the Science and Technology of the Steelpan
October 18, 2000 By Terry Joseph
DAY TWO of the First International Conference on the Science and Technology of the Steelpan (ICSTS) addressed some of the ancillary components of the orchestra, paid tribute to master-tuner Bertie Marshall, and saw the work of Switzerland’s Felix Rohner. More

Unknown Band Trounces Trinis October 14, 2000 By Terry Joseph
THE World Steelband Music Festival, currently taking place at the Jean Pierre Complex in Port of Spain, is turning into a Cinderella story for the Swiss entry, Panch 2000 – a band formed just nine months ago. More

Still Masters of Little Things October 09, 2000 By Bukka Rennie
MAKING a big hullabaloo about paving roads, erecting and repairing bridges, refurbishing police stations and health offices, cramming children unscientifically into buildings, even over rumshops, and declaring that to be "universal education" are certainly not the hallmarks of statesmen and stateswomen. More

T&T hosts World Steelband Festival October 6, 2000 By Terry Joseph
TRINIDAD and Tobago will be the host of yet another international event —the World Steelband Festival 2000. More

US professor teaches pan Friday, October 6, 2000 By Terry Joseph
BORN, schooled and raised in the United States, Professor Jeannine Remy is in Trinidad and Tobago to teach pan to locals. More


Where pan reach September 22, 2000 By Keith Smith
YOU may have heard me saying nightly in another medium that my hope is that these daily columns manage to engage minds. More

Festival, not Panorama September 11, 2000 By Terry Joseph
Perhaps the World Steelband Music Festival which opens tonight should have been staged in Miami, if only for the high level of interest and enthusiasm for the event demonstrated there during the recent carnival. More


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