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Panorama 2001

February 10 & 11, 2001


Orchestra/ Tune of choice/Composer
1. Birdsong/ Love the Pan/ Happy Williams
2. Belmont Fifth Dimension/ Fire and Steel/ Mark Loquan
3. Blue Diamonds/ Rain Melody/ Preacher
4. Motown/
5. Humming Birds/Odyssey/ Heroes of the Nation/ Ray Holman
6. Tunapuna All Stars/ Champion Sound/ Oba
7. Curepe Scherzando/ Fire and Steel/ Denyse Plummer
8. Carib Tokyo/ The Stranger/ Shadow
9. Fonclaire/
10. Exodus/ A Happy Song/ Pelham Goddard
11. Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove/ Freedom/ Len “Boogsie” Sharpe
12. Fascinators Pan Symphony/ Music for the World/ Alvin Daniell
13. Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars/ Rain Melody/ Preacher
14. Melodians/ Raindrops on My Pan/ Lincoln Waldron
15. Harmonites/ The Band Conductor/ Sugar Aloes
16. Parry’s Pan School/ Kitchener Say/ De Fosto
17. Southern All Stars/ We Carnival Sweet/ Pelham Goddard
18. BP Renegades/ Sound of the Ghost/ Kernal Roberts
19. Courts Laventille Sounds Specialists/ Fire and Steel/ Mark Loquan
20. Mt Moriah Pan Movement/
21. Claytones/ Pan Jumbie/ Colin Lucas
22. CSM Arima Angel Harps/ Rain Melody/ Preacher
23. Panatics/ Fire and Steel/ Mark Loquan
24. Nu Tones/ That’s the Culture/ Raf Robertson
25. Merrytones/ Rain Melody/ Preacher.


Orchestra/ Tune of Choice/ Composer
1 Potential Symphony/ Rain Melody/ Preacher
2 InnCogen Pamberi/ The Stranger/ Shadow
3 Solo Pan Knights/ The Stranger/ Shadow
4 Silver Stars/ Start de Jam/ D' Boss
5 Casablanca/ Pan on the Moon/ Scrunter
6 Tornadoes/ Rain melody/ Preacher
7 Trinmar Hatters/ Raindrops on My Pan/ Lincoln Waldron
8 Sangre Grande Cordettes/ Kitchener Say/ De Fosto
9 Starland/ Kitchener Say/ De Fosto
10 Couva Joylanders/ Pan Rivalry/ Hollis Wright
11 Moods/ Fire and Steel/ Mark Loquan
12 Panasonic Connection/ Rain Melody/ Preacher
13 Starfire Flamingoes/ Start D Jam/ D' Boss
14 Southern Marines/ Steelpan Crisis/ Malomo & Scobie Joseph
15 Simple Song/ Start D Jam/ D' Boss
16 Witco Desperadoes/ Yuh Lookin For Horn/Shadow
17 Tropical Angel Harps/ Raindrops on My Pan/Lincoln Waldron
18 Valley Harps/ Rain Melody/ Preacher
19 PCS Starlift/ Fire and Steel/ Mark Loquan
20 Petrotrin Deltones/ Yuh Lookin For Horn/Shadow
21 TCL Group Skiffle Bunch/ The Stranger/ Shadow
22 T&TEC Power Stars/ Music for the World/ Brian“Bean” Griffith
23 Kalomo Kings/ Rain Melody/ Preacher
24 Sforzata/ Raindrops on My Pan/ Lincoln Waldron
25 BWIA Invaders/ The Stranger/ Shadow

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