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Tribute to Clive Bradley
Nov. 26, 2005
Master musician Clive Bradley, internationally revered for his work as arranger for the Witco Desperadoes steel orchestra, passed away on the 26th November 2005, at Port of Spain General Hospital.

Steelpan Pioneers

The year 1935 is generally accepted as the watershed year for the transition from bamboo to metal. That year the Newtown Tamboo Bamboo band led by Lord Humbugger, discarded their lengths of bamboo and took to the streets for J'Ouvert with a full complement of metal containers. These included garbage bins and covers, biscuit drums, paint cans, brake drums, chamber pots and bottles and spoons.

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Renegades: The Story of the BP Renegades Steel Orchestra [Paperback]
Renegades: The Story of the BP Renegades Steel Orchestra by Kim Johnson (
The steel pan is not only the great success story of modern acoustic musical instruments, but also the sound of the Caribbean. All over the world steel pan resonates at carnivals, bringing the sound of the Caribbean to a wider audience. This is the story of pan, through one of its famous Trinidadian orchestras, showing their development from youth street gangs rooted in conflict to large, and peaceful orchestras.

Pan is dead!
By Peter Ray Blood - September 04, 2009
Pan is dead!I agree with Len "Boogsie" Sharpe—"pan is dead." I also agree with the views expressed by Pan Trinbago secretary Richard Forteau and Silver Stars captain Edwin Pouchet. Some progress has been made in pan over the past two decades, but much too little by the actual umbrella body organisation. Although, under the stewardship of incumbent Pan Trinbago president Patrick Arnold and successive executives, the national instrument has made...

Dr. Kim Johnson's Lecture on Pan Reporters - November 17, 2008
Dr. Kim Johnson's Lecture on PanLocal writer and journalist Dr. Kim Johnson held a lecture titled "An Oral and Pictorial History of Pan: Problems and Possibilities", on 16th October 2008 at the National Library in Port of Spain. Dr. Johnson is the author of several books such as "The Fragrance of Gold: Trinidad in the Age of Discovery", "If Yuh Iron Good Yuh is King" and "Descendants of the Dragon: The Chinese in Trinidad 1808 – 2006".

Anthony Williams - Steelpan Innovator Extraordinaire
By Ian 'Teddy' Belgrave - September 11, 2008
Anthony Williams - Steelpan Innovator ExtraordinaireWhen Anthony Williams entered the Steelband stage as a tuner in November 1945, the Steelband ensemble was an assortment of very crude percussion instruments brought together to fulfill the need for rhythm in the Canboulay masquerade, but with a capability of playing the most rudimentary melodies. The ensemble at that time consisted of (i) the Tenor Kettle with four notes made from a "sweet oil" drum and strapped around the neck...

Bertie Marshall - Pan Scientist
By Ian 'Teddy' Belgrave - September 10, 2008
Bertie Marshall - Pan ScientistBertie Marshall is the doyen of Pan makers worldwide. He is the most sought after expert in his field by Steelband academics and scientists. He was honored with the Chaconia Gold in 1992 and has received numerous awards and honours, locally and internationally. There is a book written on one of his inventions, the Double-Tenor Pan, and he is widely regarded as the person responsible for changing the art/craft of tuning into a science.

"Out of pain this culture was born"
By Gerry Kangalee - August 21, 2008
Out of pain this culture was bornThe above quote from David Rudder's kaiso, "Dedication", a magnificent praise song to Pan, sets the scene for understanding how and why Pan arose and developed. The story of Pan is a narrative of pain and of triumph. It is a story of the fierce contestation taking place in the cultural gayelle between the Canboulay (Cannes Brûlées) and the Mardi Gras - a reflection of the class struggle that has raged from the post-Cédula genesis of modern Trinidad...

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Special Focus

Anthony Williams - Steelpan Innovator Extraordinaire
- by Ian 'Teddy' Belgrave, September 11, 2008
Bertie Marshall - Pan Scientist
- by Ian 'Teddy' Belgrave, September 10, 2008
The Doc, The Hammer and the Shoe Box
- by Dalton Narine, August 13, 2008
Rudolph Edwards: Journey with Desperados
- Interview with Rudolph Edwards, July 19, 2005
Bertie Marshall Speaks on the Steelpan
- Interview with Bertie Marshall, March 18, 2005
'Bajan Cecil' made the judges sit up
- by Kim Johnson, Posted: March 02, 2005

Remembering Pan Pioneer Oscar Pile
- March 10, 2008
The Talented Codrington Pan Family - February 22, 2005

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