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Image Reproduction and Permissions Policy

By Christine, Ayinde and Aisha
Updated: November 23, 2005

The Photo Galleries on, and contain images that were submitted to be used explicitly on those Websites. Due to the nature of the submissions, we cannot give blanket permission for anyone to reproduce or copy photos and video clips from, and You must get permission from the Administrators of these Websites to reproduce or copy images from our Albums.

Do NOT copy the image URL and use it on your Website.
( )

The following conditions apply once permission is granted to reproduce images:

  1. Your Website MUST NOT be pornographic or link to pornographic Websites.
  2. You must save the photos and video clips to your computer and upload to your server.
  3. Do NOT copy the URL from any photo and/or video clip and use it on your Website.
  4. You MUST credit our Website (Copyright © and put an active URL hyperlink ( from your Website to
  5. If you do reproduce something from our Websites please send us a link so we can see how it looks. Email links to:
Email requests to, stating how and where you plan to use the photos. You can also join our forum to discuss these issues.

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