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Reynold Kinsale & Lloyd Henry of Blue Diamonds

Blue Diamonds
Blue Diamonds

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Interview Recorded: February 12, 2006

Reynold Kinsale
Reynold Kinsale
We are at the Queens Park Savannah where the Panorama Semi-finals is taking place. Many of the bands are already here and anxiously awaiting their turn to perform on stage. We are here with several persons from Blue Diamonds. Mr. Reynold Kinsale, Arranger and Captain, Mr. Lloyd Henry, Manager and Monica Simon, veteran Mas Player and Blue Diamonds Supporter.

TRINBAGOPAN: Mr. Kinsale, how has this Panorama been for you so far?

REYNOLD: It has been very tough.

TRINBAGOPAN: What has made it so tough?

REYNOLD: Low finance because we are an unsponsored band. We have a lot of youths in the band both from within the area and outside the area. We have to provide transport for them to get home in the night. With the crime situation as it is right now, a lot of the parents didn't want their children to come out and practice. I had to beg the parents to allow them to come to practice. Most times after practice I had to drop the children to their homes and then travel to my home. I spent Christmas, Old Years and New Years until now in The Panyard.

TRINBAGOPAN: What are your plans after Carnival?

REYNOLD: We have plans to put on a few concerts to raise funds. That is the only way we will get anywhere as far as funds are concerned. We cannot be depending on people all the time.

TRINBAGOPAN: Do you have any final words?

REYNOLD: Well, I hope we make it to the Finals. The judges think the music we are playing is good enough to go to the Finals. We haven't been to the Semi-finals for some years now. The hard work is paying off. We have been working hard since Christmas right down.

TRINBAGOPAN: Thank you very much.

We are also here with Mr. Lloyd Henry, Manager of Blue Diamonds.

Lloyd Henry
Lloyd Henry
TRINBAGOPAN: Mr. Henry, what is your tune of choice and who is the arranger?

LLOYD: Our tune of choice is 'Gold' by Maestro. The arranger is Reynold Kinsale.

TRINBAGOPAN: What are your plans for Carnival 2006?

LLOYD: Well, we play Mas' also. We have been playing Mas' every year since the band started. The name of the band is 'Fancy Sailors' by Senor Gomez and Reynold Kinsale, who is the Captain.

TRINBAGOPAN: What are your plans after Carnival?

LLOYD: Our Mas' Man, who is also the Public Relations Officer, travels up the islands and New York to conduct classes in wire bending skills.

TRINBAGOPAN: Do you have any final words?

LLOYD: We are happy to be here. We are number ten and we hope to be lucky ten.

TRINBAGOPAN: Thank you sir.

Also speaking with us is Ms. Monica Simon, veteran Mas Player and Blue Diamonds Supporter.

Monica Simon
Monica Simon
TRINBAGOPAN: Ms. Simon, how long have you been playing Mas?

MONICA: I have been playing Mas' for over fifty years now. I played with all the bands you could ever think of. I played with George Bailey, Harold Saldenah, Edmond Hart, Steven Lee Heung-name it and I did it. I also beat bass in Steelband. I did it in the Steelband World. I came from the band called Red Army into Merry Makers and I have been doing this all my life. I got old now, so I think I am retiring.

TRINBAGOPAN: How old are you?

MONICA: I am sixty-nine years old.

TRINBAGOPAN: Would you like to share any memories with the people out there?

MONICA: I would like to share some of my memories with a guy called Ranger from Merry Makers that brought out a tune called 'Had a Little Monkey'. My husband of course, was the first captain from Tropolians. He is playing Pan with Blue Diamonds today. I love it.

TRINBAGOPAN: Do you have any final words?

MONICA: Thank God I am here today, and I wish Blue Diamonds the very best.


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