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Anthony Rose of Sagicor Exodus

Sagicor Exodus
Sagicor Exodus

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Interview Recorded: April 22, 2006

Anthony Rose
Anthony Rose
For the preliminary round of the Pan in the 21st Century 2K6 Competition, bands were judged as in previous years, in their communities. We interviewed some of the key people within the bands about the competition, their history and other activities in the steelband arena. We spoke with Mr. Anthony Rose, Asst. Musical Director of Sagicor Exodus.

TRINBAGOPAN: Mr. Rose, what song will the band be performing for this year's competition?

ANTHONY: The band will be performing "Sexual Healing" by Marvin Gaye.

TRINBAGOPAN: Who did the arrangement?

ANTHONY: The arrangement was done by Pelham Goddard.

TRINBAGOPAN: How are things going so far?

ANTHONY: Well, the players are very enthusiastic. They are anxiously awaiting the judges' arrival so they could deliver what they have been working on for the past two to three weeks.

TRINBAGOPAN: What was your experience like for Panorama this year?

ANTHONY: Well, Exodus is a band that always tries to do new things and what we did this year was one of them. It is always best to do new things when you are on the top so that when you are at the bottom, what you try to do wouldn't be as effective as it is supposed to be. Seeing that about eighty percent of the memberships of the band are under the age of twenty-five, most of the younger players chose the more modernized Soca song "Max it up" by Destra Garcia this year. Pelham supported them by taking it as a challenge. It was excitement throughout the whole thing.

TRINBAGOPAN: Do you have any final words to share?

ANTHONY: Exodus will continue to lead the direction for all the steel orchestras throughout the world by setting the pace and standards, especially in discipline and music.


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